Venom 400, Performance Control Module

The VENOM 400™ is only active when peak performance is required. During normal driving the VENOM 400™ remains passive until the microcomputer determines that engine airflow and throttle position warrants increased performance. Normal fuel
economy prevails while under normal load.

Enhances the performance gains achieved by installing an upgraded chip. Whatever the gains are as specified within the chip, they will be magnified through the use of the VENOM 400™.

The VENOM 400™ has an off switch so smog certification is achieved when not racing.

The VENOM 400™ will not trigger the emission safeguards of today’s vehicles.

Easy installation in 20 - 30 minutes with basic hand tools requiring only four electrical connections.

Red cockpit LED indicating VENOM 400™ activation.
Up to 25% or more increase in horsepower throughout the power range of 1,000 to 5,000 rpms (where the
vehicles red line is 6,000 rpm).

The flat spot or delay found with automatic transmission downshifts, which can be as much as three seconds, is eliminated. When equipped with auto instead of manual.

VENOM 400 Performance Module

Gain up to 25% more horsepower throughout your vehicle’s low & midrange with the addition of the VENOM 400 Performance Module.

  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Noticeable Gains
  • Convenient On/Off Switch
  • No ECU Reprogramming Required
  • Does not Require Hi-Octane Gas
  • Easily Removed for Vehicle Service
 How it works
The VENOM 400 Performance Module easily plugs into the throttle position sensor (TPS) and the mass air flow sensor (MAF) or manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP).  The VENOM Module takes readings from the output signals from these two vehicle sensors and makes adjustments to optimize the fuel and timing curve of the engine throughout the low and midrange of the power curve.

The end result is a noticeable power increase.

Compared to Chip or Programmer
Unlike a performance chip replacement or a programmer, the VENOM 400 Performance Module can be quickly removed for emissions testing and/or warranty service.  The unit does not leave an electronic “footprint” within the vehicle’s computer (ECU).  An electronic “footprint” is a permanent recording that occurs within a vehicle’s computer (ECU) anytime the ECU is updated, programmed or electronically altered.  Car dealerships regularly void normally covered warranty service on vehicles where ECU tampering has been detected.  Voiding of OE warranties forces many car owners to pay expensive bills for valid warranty work.

The VENOM 400 does not directly alter the ECU.  Therefore, if the unit is removed from the vehicle its past presence on the vehicle cannot be detected.  Once, easily removed, the vehicle immediately returns to stock form.

Also, unlike chips & programmers, the VENOM 400 Performance Module has a convenient on/off switch that allows the driver to activate and deactivate the module.  Most chip upgrades are permanent changes, and programmers will generally require the user to plug the programmer back into the vehicle’s wiring harness and follow a series of steps to return the vehicle back to its stock settings – possibly losing or corrupting the stock programming.

Venom 400 Questions & Answers

Q. Okay, How Does It Work??
A. The Venom 400 activates at about 25-30% Throttle Angle. When it does it modifies the input signals going into your computer, in particular the Manifold Absolute Pressure and Throttle Position Sensor Signals.

Q. How Do I Get More Power From That?

A. Well, when the computer sees these "modified" signals it will provide a different set of fuel and ignition maps than it would normally provide. These maps tell the computer what the spark timing and fuel injection pulse (fuel) should be for any given engine operating condition, like under load, part throttle or deceleration. The Venom makes the computer use different maps that are more aggressive and provide better performance.

Q. What Do You Mean By Better?
A. Well, the factory ECUs are not always tuned for the best performance, they are tuned for the best fuel economy and emissions. That's particularly true of sport compact cars that are designed to get good fuel economy.

Q. So Emissions will Go Up? and Fuel Economy Will Go Down?
A. Actual tail pipe emissions will probably remain well within specifications. This is a result of the efficient (but restrictive) catalytic converters found on modern vehicles. Fuel economy will usually decrease slightly. It is difficult to make more horsepower without burning more fuel, that's just a fact of life. If anyone tells you that they can increase horsepower without burning more fuel on a late model (95 and up) vehicle I would be suspicious. The fact is, the manufacturers do an great job at getting the most horsepower at the "lowest emission level" possible. But they are concerned more with emissions and fuel economy so they will detune the engine by 10 or so horsepower if it can mean a ULEV certification or extra 1 mile per gallon. (Ultra Low Emissions)

Q. So Is This Like a PROM or Computer Chip?
A. Kind of, but different and better. PROM chips really steamed from GM products. Tuners would reprogram and tweak the PROMS to get more performance.

When we started developing the Venom we thought of doing that but ruled it out quickly. First, the industry is going to Flash PROMS, which are non removable. That means you have to take your whole computer out, send it to someone to have it reprogrammed, which can take days, that is a pain. In addition once programmed its in there and in order to "turn it off", lets say for "on-road" use or emissions certification, you would have to reprogram it again. We really didn't see that as a viable option for the customer. We wanted to be able to switch it on or off (i.e. for on road, off road). The problem with PROMS is that most states will have some type of emissions program. Two things can happen. The PROM programmer gets too aggressive and the vehicle won't make it through a test. Or, they are too conservative and you don't get the performance gains. Because you can switch ours off, you don't have to worry about that.

Q. What's Deal With The Little Red LED?

A. The LED is mounted in the dash and will tell you when the Venom is active. Another benefit over PROMS or CPU upgrades.